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Welcome to RateKB!

RateKB.com is a Rate Knowledge Base where you can Rate EvErything!

Here, you can rate Videos, Images, Movies, Music, Albums, Episodes, any Clip; Individuals, People, Web Users; Living things, Non-living things; Any Text, Thought, Idea; Books, Ebooks, Websites; Vehicles, Products, Softwares; Sports, Games; Food, Hotels, Places, Institues; happenings, events, experiences and EvErything ElsE! more..


Did you find something interesting on Web or
Did you like/hate something on web or
Did you like/hate something offline..
Just grab the URL for that something on Web and if you do not find the URL for that particular something on Web, then upload it on Blog (if you have one) or on some sharing site like for Videos, Music, Presentations, Images or other sharing sites and grab the URL and share it at RateKB for ratings and reviews. Invite your friends to Rate & Review. Put Rating widgets on your Blog, Site, Forums etc. to show your item's rating.

Even if you have a Thought, Idea or just a Quote but not able to find a URL for it on Web...
Try putting up these at your Blog etc. and grab the URL

and keep track of Average Universal Rating!!!

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